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Day Retreat for Couples


Relationships, especially love relationships, are a doorway into our personal and spiritual growth. The people we attract into our life seem to be a perfect mirror for the parts we want to heal and integrate within ourselves. 

Many couples get stuck in the difficult and challenging moments and end up disconnecting from each other and themselves. They lose connection with their heart space and other dynamics start to play out. Fear, rage, jealousy, manipulation and other dynamics may come to surface that keeps the couple in separation and distance from what is essential. ​As all in life is profound and meaningful, also our most difficult moments are here to open us to something beautiful and valuable.

The aim of love is to expand, to let go of the illusion of separation and return to a state of oneness. 

This retreat opens a space for lovers to Return to Love. To play, discover and integrate new ways to stay centered in the heart. We will be looking into matters of our own heart-story and our couple dynamics. Bringing all parts of the relationship into a space of love and awareness. Letting the flow of love bring you to new levels of awareness and understanding, freeing yourself of limitations and allowing the full potential of the relationship to blossom.

​Return to Love is a day retreat where words are limited and focus is on experiencing and being. Giving opportunity to shift from mind-centered into heart-centered relating. Body awareness, tantric practises and conscious movement exercises are the main tools we will be using this day. 

The retreat is open for:
° lovers in a long term relationship
° lovers who just started to relate
° people who pair up especially for this retreat and want to attune themselves to the space of Love. ​


Wanneer:       Zaterdag 11 mei - 10u tot 17u30
Waar:              Walpurgis: Deurneleitje 6 - 2640 Mortsel
Begeleiding:  Marlies Yemaya

Prijs:                      85 euro per persoon
Meebrengen:    Gemakkelijke kledij en flesje water


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